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With High end Bed and drum Scanners in place, we can handle both destructive and non-destructive scanning works with ease. Apart from Scanning we can archive the contents as per the need of our customers. Our expertise includes

  • High End B/W& Color Scanning
  • Digitization of back volumes, hard copies etc.

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Online: Here the entry is done by accessing the server of the customer in which the data is stored. The access is restricted to specific areas that require our processing and is also limited to the permitted persons who process the data.

Offline: The offline data entry is done with two types of inputs i.e. Electronic & Hard Copy.

Electronic Inputs: The offline data entry can be done with electronic inputs like PDFs, Ms Word, Scanned copies, Image files etc. The data is sent to us and is stored in our server and the entry is done either directly to the software of the client or to the medium as desired by the client in the requested format.

Hard Copy: The hard copy input can be printed copies of books, emails, ledgers, stationery sheets etc, and copies of handwritten materials and documents.

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entry is done by accessing the server of the customer
entry is done by accessing the server of the customer


We store the data extracted from hard copies to digital bundles like CDs, Tapes and Discs and have them archived for future retrieval and distribution needs. The data is properly indexed to make the retrieval easy and accountable.

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