Who We Are

iPlus is a venture to provide reliable services at a reasonable cost with reputable quality


iPlus is a venture to provide reliable services at a reasonable cost with reputable quality. Our services are tailor-made and suit the ever-changing requirements of the publishing, data management and Information technology Industry.

We are unique

  • Experienced Management Team with specific Industry Knowledge to ensure perfect delivery
  • Highly skilled manpower working with a resolve to provide accuracy
  • 24×6 Hours of operation to ensure timely delivery of projects
  • Dedicated team & Customer support
  • Financial backup and ability to scale up the requirements within a short span of time.


We provide a basket of services to Publishing, Litigation & Data management companies apart from the provision of resourceful Manpower. They include Manuscript entry, Legal Coding, Editorial, Design, Conversion and archiving.

Our Data Management services start from data entry from various inputs, archiving and indexing them to digital medium, Scanning and collaboration of hard copy data to digital format for easy storage, maintenance, retrieval and distribution.

For the Publishing industry we have editorial services, typesetting, image processing, data conversion & e-book conversions and have tailor-made solutions fitting every need of yours.

In the legal vertical, we provide LDD, Coding, EDD and more to the Litigation Support companies and legal counsels. We provide both online and offline Entry from Hand-written to soft copy documents. We can also handle scanning from old legacy documents and indexing them as per the need.

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